Anyone can take part. Prior election campaign experience is not necessary, and even a small amount of help is beneficial.


Subscribe to the newsletter  (mostly in Finnish) and you will get all of the messages, with news, invitations to events, and calls to action. Under “lisätietoja” (“additional information) on the subscription form for the newsletter, you can let us know what YOU would most like to do. Make your support public if you want your name to be seen in the list of Pekka’s supporters. At the bottom of each e-mail under “päivitä tietosi” (“Update your information”) you can add information or endorse Pekka at any time.

You can also scan the calendar for events.


Add the campaign logo to your profile picture.  Or use the lion logo as your profile picture.

Become active on social media an in discussion groups, #HAAVISTO2018. Share invitations to events, news about Pekka or Pekka’s own updates. Take part in discussions, and correct erroneous information.


Join our Facebook working groups! There are both national and regional groups. The groups include volunteers as well as workers of the campaign headquarters or the Greens. Regional groups concentrate on street campaigning and organising events of their own areas.

National: general communications, fundraising, audiovisual, graphic design, copywriting, translators, social media, web pages, newsletter, and young people for Pekka Haavisio 2018, #pekkapåsvenska, and youth communications.

Regional: Helsinki and Uusima, Häme, South Karelia, Southern Savonia, Central Finland, Kymenlaakso, Oulu, Satakunta, Tampere and Pirkanmaa, Turku and Southwest Finland, Vaasa, Finnish Lapland, North Karelia, Hämeenlinna, Northern Savonia

You can also get in touch with the contact person in your area by phone or e-mail. The contact information is here.


Organise your own event. Download material from the material bank. Send an e-mail if you want to invite Pekka to an event.

You can also campaign on your own. Produce a picture or an information graph, and let others use it on social media. Create a concept that others can also apply. Hang a Pekka poster in the window of your own business. Your imagination is your only limit on the way that you can support the campaign!

Organise a fundraising event. Ask your friends to donate to Pekka here. Even a small collection will help us forward; the campaign needs money, even though we do not believe that money will decide the election. Read more on the funding of the campaign.